And my name is Snigg. I live on Primus' compost heap. My favourite games are the Nettlewooz Online-Puzzles. There are plenty of them.

Age: approximately 215 years old
Address: The Crooked Tower
13 Thistleway, Mizzle Meadows

- flying around the church’s steeple
- playing the Nettlewooz Memo Game
- the smell of raspberry cake

- Bucklewhee sitting in his bed
- narrow preserving jars
- bright sunlight


Job: light-fingered witch (unlicensed)
Address: Plim’s Toy Shop, Treestump 1,
Weedy Way, The Dark Forest

- lotions and potions (of the beauty variety)
- her racing broom
- stealing cutlery
- playing Cauldron-Tetris
- to have the final say
- and - above all! - her handbag

- breaking a fingernail
- her broom being out of order
- Primus’ antique chest
- cheeky toads

Job: wake-up bird
Address: the longcase clock in Primus’s attic

Distinguishing characteristics:
 state-approved and officially certified for accuracy

- sunflower seeds
- extensive wake-up-workouts
- training hours (weekdays from 2 - 3 PM)
- playing Nettlewooz Quest

- hourglasses
- daylight saving
- falling off his clock cabinet while asleep

Job: gourmet
Address: the compost pile below the
old oak tree by the Crooked Tower

Distinguishing characteristics:
- knows about the chasm in the Dark Forest
- tans easily

- having a lie-in
- searching for old fruit in his ‘bed’
- cherry-stone spitting
- rolling down hills
- the Nettlewooz Online-Puzzles

- hobbling back up the hills again
- fruit flies

Job(s): unemployed scarecrow;
occasional clothes horse
Address: The Lettuce Patch behind
Miss Plim’s house

- high fashion
- making small talk
- psychoanalytic group therapy
- birdsong
- collecting buttons

- rainy weather
- wet socks

Description: small, spindly creature
with filthy, tattered clothes
Address: unknown

Distinguishing characteristic: visits Primus
in his nightmares

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: unknown

Description: vegetable which rambles incoherently.
Mostly dormant.
Address: the shiny chest on Plim’s shelf

Distinguishing characteristic: is supposed to
have visionary capabilities

- soft velvet cushions
- flute music
- candlelight

- wetness and fustiness
- being referred to as a potato
- rough dishcloths
- vegetable knives